Dear Oakland...WTF?

Hey Oakland,

What the fuck? Four people were unjustly gunned down in your city. Shouldn't you be rioting in the streets, lighting things on fire and looting your neighbor's businesses in protest of murderous rapists out on parole? Shouldn't you be mad dogging every "thug" looking black man you come across and jumping in front of television cameras like retarded six year olds hopped up on birthday cake and strawberry soda?

I thought all of your "justified" protesting was against wrong done to people, not about being opportunistic shitbags using a tragedy as an excuse for robbing their neighbors and damaging their property.

I'm confused, but thank you for not doing any of those things.

RIP Heroes...


Fish Tank said...

THIS, is why I follow your blog Kirk.
Thank you.

max schaaf said...

this is why you should stay on yer side of the tunnel. if you don't understand why kids wanna tear shit up when a youth they might identify with is wrongly shoot then stay in the bubble.
yeah those kids should of rented out a coliseum somewhere and done it that way??
those cops getting killed was fucked.... also a part of the job they signed up for.
i don't think Oscar Grant had that choice.

KIRK! said...

I agree 100% that Oscar Grant's killing was horrible and 100% unjustified (read what I wrote), but there's a big difference between expressing disgust at a tragedy like Oscar Grants killing and tearing shit up because the opportunity presents itself.

Obviously there were, and are, TONS of people frustrated with the "system" and it's countless flaws and prejudices, but when the majority of those on video at the riots are just jumping up and down in front of the camera waving and smiling, just trying to get on TV, you have to wonder about their real motives.

Before I moved to "my side of the tunnel" I had many run-ins with cops - being beaten with billy clubs, kicked while on the ground and held and interrogated for absolutely no reason. I have lived in the full-on shit parts of Long Beach and seen my share firsthand.

I'm stoked you expressed your opinion, especially since you are someone I respect, but we'll just have to disagree on it being OK to tear up your own city and stealing from your neighbors (who aren't cops or related to the "establishment" in any way) to express your anger toward an absolute tragedy.


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