Hot Rod Her0!

Hot Rod Hero!

Hot Rod Hero!

One of my heroes, Rich "Pure Hell" Guasco, dropped off some of his personal photos to be scanned for an upcoming article. His "Wally" is sitting on my desk! Too cool!


What the fuck is wrong with people?

Please take your art car to Burning Man or something. Stop confusing people with your useless garbage. This car actually made me want to hit the builder.


Listen To Mickey Avalon

For twenty you get Chachi, but Forty gets you Fonzie.

R.I.P. Ruler

I've been a fan since I was six. Thanks for rulin' it! Say hi to J.C. for me. 

Listen to Jerry Reed.


P.S.   J.C. = Johnny Cash, stupid.


KIRK! co-founded Billetproof, owned 11:11 Operations, art directed and designed for Ocean Pacific and Joe Boxer (before they went into the toilet), and currently runs the Goodguys Gazette magazine. When it comes to hot rods, kustoms and bikes he's too stupid to say no.