Trophy Whore...

Adult Bibs Are The New Flat Black

Me and Alex on parade

What I Learned This Weekend...

-I can eat a pound of ham
-Don't clean the hotel's iron with a knife
-Don't try to hug the crazy homeless black man
-George Barris will let you pick him up and hold him like a baby (his handler will not)
-The Hotel's bar does not allow nudity
-Bug zappers made into tazers hurt like a motherfucker
-$6 bullhorns are the best bargain on the planet
-More strangers than you think will let you hug them for five seconds (some will even show you their fat, ugly boobs)
-A chopper can get rear-ended by a car, throw the rider over the handlebars, and come away virtually unscathed
-You can rent roller skates for $1 at the Santa Maria fairgrounds
-My friends rule


Creepy Geeks Model Hackers

High-Trouser Ed is a ruler! Yeah, I'm in a model club. I never said I wasn't lame.


Drove it; I'm glad I don't live in 1922.

Trailer Queen...


The Warrior of the Wasteland...

I loves me some Road Warrior!

Too Tall

Greaserama 2007

Fonzi called...

...and had a message for YOU!

Air NZ


More NZ!

I just like this shot.

Choppers Are The New Choppers

Terrorizing the skies over the Taranaki Region in New Zealand!

New Zealand Art Fag

Another artsy shot from down under! New Plymouth Festival of Lights.

Rockin' Chick!

Future ruler!


Ahhh, that's better


New Insiration..

I'm liking the attitude.


My Little Pony was sweet! Another ride I miss.

Pre Snugglers CC/MC
OE Team Rider


Hot Rod Garage
Touch it.
New Plymouth, New Zealand

I'll be back.

My new lover.


KIRK! co-founded Billetproof, owned 11:11 Operations, art directed and designed for Ocean Pacific and Joe Boxer (before they went into the toilet), and currently runs the Goodguys Gazette magazine. When it comes to hot rods, kustoms and bikes he's too stupid to say no.