DEAR OAKLAND: Please Stop Trying To Make Me Racist

I'm addressing this to Oakland, CA because of the current events associated with the recent BART shooting, but this is really directed at any black-based community who has reacted to a bad situation in the same way.

Dear Oakland,

It is always a tragedy when life is lost, but it should never be a reason to attack your innocent neighbors or destroy your own city, or anyone else's for that matter. I'm not racist but this really seems to be a black thing - that is, rioting and destroying your own city to vent anger over an already tragic incident. I equate it to a dog pissing on it's own bed. Have you forgotten that you will still be living in Oakland tomorrow? Why then would you intentionally make your city worse and support the views that racists already hold?

First of all, I'll bet that not one of the rioters were present when the shooting took place and have no real idea of what actually happened. Also, I realize that most of the rioters are just opportunistic shitbags using it as an excuse to act like shitbags.

If the cop's actions were intentional, then he should hang. If they were accidental, then he is still responsible, but in a different way. Neither situation is positive, but neither of them justifies rioting in the streets. We have a justice system. Perfect or not, we have one. It is no longer 1951. The world is accessible equally to anyone of any race who proves themselves deserving, so get over the "poor black me" attitude already. Yes, your ancestors were sold (by their own people) as slaves and brought to this country against their will. That was your ancestors, not you nor anyone you have ever known. My ancestors (American Indians) were slaughtered and the women were raped and then killed along with children. I think that makes slavery pale in comparison. If you really hate this country so much, leave it. At least you still have a "mother land". My ancestors have no land to go back to, but I don't mope around using the tragedies of the past as an excuse to not better myself or destroy the lives of others.

I guarantee that if a black cop shot a white kid white people would not take to the streets to burn cars and destroy property. Show me ONE instance where that has happened.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that it is inherently "black" to to these things, I respect humans as humans. If you are a human who respects others and acts in a way that deserves respect, I act accordingly, but if you choose to act like a nigger, you should be treated as a nigger. Yep, I said nigger. Please note that I see a huge difference between someone who is black and someone who is a nigger. Just like there is a huge difference between someone who is white and someone who is white trash or whatever other race you want to use as an example. There are shitty people of every race, just as there are great people of every race.

As a white male I am ashamed of white males who give my race a bad name, whether they are so-called "respectable" people like politicians or just plain white-trash-shitbag-meth-cookers. Please, black community, be proud of your race like I am of mine, and everyone should be of their own, and teach these niggers self-respect and respect for others.

Thank you.

P.S. Niggers and  wiggers - PULL UP YOUR FUCKING PANTS and STRAIGHTEN YOUR FUCKING BASEBALL CAP! Stop acting like a shitbag thug and you won't be treated like a shitbag thug. It's pretty simple, really.


Griff said...

If only politicians had the balls to say it like it is, well done you.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%, that's why I am agnostic. I think people use religion as a crutch and government uses it to control people. Fricken ridiculous!


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