Last Request...

I was watching Man On The Moon (the movie about Andy Kaufman) the other day and it got me thinking about funerals. Specifically mine. 

First of all, if I'm dead and you're reading this, you better not have some sad funeral for me. I want a full-on party with drunken laughter and story telling.

Over the years I have said that I wanted to be cremated and have my ashes secretly baked into a cake that is served at my funeral/party. Then there would be a video played that would reveal what was in the cake. I guess that wouldn't go over so well, so I have a better idea.

My real last request would be to be cremated and have my ashes distributed to all the well known hot rod artists like Weesner, Coop, Dan Brown, Zombie, Jeff Norwell etc. and have them do a painting of me or something I enjoyed. Some may say that's a very egocentric request. Actually it's my way of living forever and affecting as many people as I can for as long as I can. 

I guess I'd be open to any quality artist getting some of me and painting something. Hell, give some of me to guys building cars and have them seal the ashes into their frames or something.

So, to summarize... When I die - burn me, party, hand me out, do something cool with me. Just don't get all weepy and sad. I had a blast and a killer life. Doing these things would just be a continuation of that.


P.S. Playlist for the dead KIRK!: Death of a Clown - The Kinks, I've Been Everywhere - Johnny Cash, 


RyanRobot99 said...

thats actually a really cool idea. Just pick who you want to to get the ashes carefully. After they burn you there is about a palm full and half of you left. Not much to go around.

Its just whats left of your bone, 95% of you goes out as dust up the smoke stack.

I don't live far from a crematory, I often wonder just how much of the dust in my house is dead people.

Anonymous said...

Dude, should I call the cops so they can ascertain on your welfare?????

I'm gonna take your ashes, put them in some tattoo ink and use your burt remains to fill the holes in my beard!!!! That would be the last favor you ever did for me and I would be thankful....that is until I shaved my beard off and my cheeks resembled Gorbachev's head

I LoVe YoU, and your a very handsome woman.


El Presidente said...

Paintings are a good idea! Live forever man!

Jeff Norwell said...

I will send my addy and mix you up with some nice
naples yellow and cobalt bloo.....
On the finest stretched strathmore of course!

You will be imortalized like Vincent Vann Go Go or Too Loose the Wreck.

My Mortar and Pestle awaits.......

Michael LaVella said...

If for some reason you go before Robt. Wms, I can definitely get some of your ashes to him... if you're old lady lets me have them that is!


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